Mary, Mother of Jesus

Outreach ideas

How you can use My Son, My Savior  at your church

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"Another Winner"

"Perfect for Christmas"

"Bruce Marchiano is great"

"Gorgeous filmmaking"

"What Christian films should be"


Thousands of DVDs distributed to churches worldwide.

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Seeing Jesus through Mary's eyes gave me a whole new perspective on the story of the Savior.  I like to give copies to anyone who stops by the house, and my church plans to hand them out  at Christmas time.

M.T.  in Wisconsin

Use in your home, school, & church:
•Sunday school, elementary school, and youth group.
•Sponsor a movie night and then hand out copies.
•Use it with the corresponding program for Advent by Candlelight.
•Conduct Advent Bible studies (Two study guides provided).
DVD Giveaways as outreach gift:
(order at very low cost in bulk)
•Members can share DVDs with family neighbors, and friends
•Share with visitors at church & school
•Hand out at community events and invite people to church