Mary, Mother of Jesus

Small Group Study

based on “My Son, My Savior”

Exactly What We Need


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This three-session study is intended for small group Bible studies, especially those led by a spiritually mature, though not necessarily theologically-trained, Christian. It is designed to evoke heartfelt discussion in a safe environment where participants are assured of God’s forgiveness for past failures.  The interaction also evokes meaningful encouragement to strive to live for God out of grateful love for the love he first showed us through his Son.
The goals of the three sessions are:
●To help each of us see, as Mary came to see, that Jesus is exactly what we need.
●To help us treasure that truth, even if we have known it for many years.
●To give us encouragement for helping others also see that Jesus is exactly what they need.
●To share ideas for sharing Jesus with others.